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Post  Admin on Wed Feb 18, 2009 6:06 pm

LG has introduced its one of the marvelous mobile having the facility of touch screen in April 2008 at CTIA. The reason of its fame was not the camera. The most advanced feature of this model was the AT&T's launch devices for AT&T Mobile TV, the carrier's brand new live mobile TV service launching in May 2008. The stunning feature of this mobile was the multimedia facility in a mobile. LG CU 915 Vu price is about $299 and two year of repairing warranty.

Now we will discuss about the different features of the LG CU 915 Vu mobile. The design of the mobile is very attractive and slim and smart black colored casing look very attractive along with sliver sides. The edges are little bit rounded and large. LG CU 915 Vu is light weight hand set its length is about 2.15 inches and width is about 0.51 inches. It is very light weighed about 3.66 ounces so that it can very easily slip from your pocket or your purse. Another thing which is related to its color is that shiny and glossy black color look very attractive but more fingerprints will be appears on the mobile.

LG Cu 915 Vu cell phone is fully equipped with all advanced feature one of them is the touch screen. You can just view the date and time when touch screen is locked but in case on unlocked you can view the battery status, called Id, Time and date on the display screen.

LG Cu915 Vu mobile has a big display screen which can display 262,000 colors and 240x400 pixels that’s why you can enjoy different types of graphics and videos very easily.

LG CU915 Vu hand set has a large memory space for 500 entries in you mobile. One entry can save about 5 phone numbers, 2 email address and memo. No other mobile give you to save such a large entry. You can set different ring tones on caller ids as well as you can save the new records in groups. Other extra features include the stop watch, calculator, converter, remainder and alarm. It has about 12 different ring tones already saved in it you can select one of your favorite one. The voice quality of the mobile is very good. You can enjoy different song or any music file on your mobile.

Advanced feature include the facility of text and mms messages. This hand set fully support the HTML web pages as well as the emailing facility. Voice command and voice recorder are present in it and you can record voices in your mobile. Bluetooth is good in working and along with A/V remote system, push object and file transfer.

You can get further detailed information about this handset by visiting wirelessgalaxy.com. You can get this marvelous mobile on low prices as discounted LG CU915Vu.I found this set very satisfactory you can also enjoy this full featured mobile and I am sure you will found its all functions satisfactory.


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