Gypsii-Mobile social network application

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Gypsii-Mobile social network application

Post  Admin on Wed Feb 18, 2009 6:13 pm

Imagine being able to go on to Facebook or Orkut and not only read the latest updates of what your friends were doing on your mobile but also be able to see where they are and invite those they are near you to a coffee shop which you then message them the details of.
This is exactly what softwares like Gypsii does.

Gypsii is a Mobile social network service which add real-time locating to social networking, through Gypsii users can share user generated content like photos, videos, audio or text with their friends on their mobile and even locate them on the map. Users can even create Point Of Interest(POI) on the map and geo-tag them with photos,videos or text like writing a review about a coffee shop which users can read their mobile.

The user is located by either GPS or traingulation of local base tower.

Gypsii works on S60 mobile phones and can be freely downloaded through the website and carry your world with you.

After successful launch in europe, Gypsii will be launched in China and India by june end.


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