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Text Message / SMS Acronyms

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Text Message / SMS Acronyms Empty Text Message / SMS Acronyms

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SMS / Text Message Acronyms
Short forms we use in SMS-ing

B Be / Bee
@ At
b4 Before
ATB All the best
C See / Sea
BCNU Be seeing you
CU See you
BTW By the way
Gonna Going to
BWD Backward
GR8 Great
Doin Doing
H8 Hate
F2T Free to talk
L8 Late
FWD Forward
L8R Later
FWIW For what it's worth
Luv Love
FYI For your info
NE Any
GAL Get a life
NETHING Anything
Mob Mobile
M8 Mate
NE1 Anyone
MSG Message
NO1 No-one
PCM Please call me
OIC Oh I see
PLS Please
RU Are you?
RGDS Regards
RUOK Are you ok?
Stra Stray
SUM1 Someone
THNQ Thank you
U You
THX Thanks
UR You are
W With
Wan2 Want to
W/o Without
XLNT Excellent
WKND Weekend
YR Your
XOXOX Hugs and kisses
1 One / Won
2 Too / To / Two
4 For / Four


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